FlashPoint exists to present the Word of God as the way in which a holy faith and a pure character may be attained.


We are using the following methods to fulfill our mission:

Video Ministry:

Using modern way of communication in the modern era, FlashPoint makes use of the Video Ministry to communicate Bible Truths for the present day. It is our desire to make videos on various topics.

As we look to the future, we will continue to focus to present the Word of God with a hurting world, while using present tools and anticipating yet-to-be-developed technology.


Preaching, or, sharing the Word of God with others, is the one thing that Heinrich is passionate about.  While most sermon series available are in Afrikaans, we are working on a few English series that will be recorded in 2023.

Series being planned for 2023: Royal Priesthood, Elisha, Ancient Prophet with a Current Message, I Have Seen Him in the Sanctuary, and Encounter.

Sanctuary Programme & Exhibition:

Since 2012 we have had to privilege to do the Sanctuary Exhibition and Seminars.  Through the exhibition we are able to give an visual demonstration of what Israel of old would have seen when they visited the Sanctuary.

The seminars are based on explaining the Plan of Salvation as it is portrayed in the Sanctuary.  Through the seminars a knowledge on the position and work of our Heavenly High Priest is explained, thus creating the opportunity for all to understand how faith is needed to be exercised; and how to occupy the position that God designs them to fulfill.